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Arsenal must win the FA Cup and finish fourth

For years now, Arsenal fans have been presented with the question that has almost become embodied with the club, despite being widely adopted as some sort of butt joke by opposing fans.

Would, the dilemma goes, Arsenal fans swap the financial security and the glamour of Champions League football for a trophy or not?

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Moyes of old is needed if United are to go through

In a season where lows have succeeded themselves with impeccable regularity and always managed to outdo their predecessors, Manchester United have one last glimmer of hope to cling onto at a time of they year when they’d normally be busy booking trips to Wembley or sweating over a title run-in.

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Tim Sherwood: His dream, our nightmare.

Eye-patch wearing singer Gabrielle coined the phrase “dreams, can come true” in her 1993 hit single “Dreams”, a song that must be the background track to Tim Sherwood’s life since becoming Spurs manager. Unfortunately for everyone else connected to Spurs, Tim’s dream has become a nightmare. 

Nightmare status was confirmed as Sherwood’s boys were given a 4-0 drubbing by Brendan Rogers’ men at Anfield last weekend, condemning Spurs’ faint Champions League hopes to death, and with it, any realistic chance of ‘Tim’s list’ becoming reality during the summer…thankfully. 

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Chelsea need a striker, but Mourinho can only blame himself

“I’m not happy with my strikers’ performances, so I have to try things. And with André [Schurrle] at least I know we have one more player to have the ball, one more player to associate with the other players, and even if he is not dangerous because he’s not a striker, he can associate and the team can have control of the ball possession like we had.

“Football is not just about that. It’s also about scoring goals, getting behind, and that is for strikers. Real strikers.”

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Moyes goes back to basics to undo Bayern

More than 70% of possession. 754 passes to 231. And yet, goals, the only statistic that ultimately matters in football, were even at Old Trafford last night.

After eight months during which humiliations and abject performances had become as common as the false dawns derived from every positive result, Manchester United finally stood up and were counted.

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Premier League: five lessons we have learnt from the weekend

With six Premier League games left this season, the weekend just gone might have proved crucial in deciding who’ll lift the trophy on May 11. Here’s five things we have learnt over the last two days.

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