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England Fans: in the words of Delia Smith ‘Let’s be having ya!’

I watched the England v Ghana friendly with some extra added interest in the shape of some lively Ghana fans. When African nations or South American teams play, the fans always give the game a little something extra. Always have … Read more…

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Legendary Haircut of the Week: Fernando Torres

The Hair: Golden rat’s mane.

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Return to Terracing – a good idea or something best left in the past?

A lot was said last week about the potential return of the terraces to football stadiums. I decided I would sit back and see what people have to say about it.

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The New York Cosmos: The original Galacticos? Part 2

Continued from Part 1: Pele had retired in 1974, finishing his career at his beloved Santos. He was 34 years old and had a record that will be near impossible to surpass – playing 1120 times for his club, scoring … Read more…

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Betto International special…

Don’t we all love an international weekend? Nope, me neither. Unfortunately the prospect of no club football is not good, but this weekend’s Wales v England match will surely be like a premiership game won’t it? Maybe my expectations are too … Read more…

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Human trafficking … is it ok if they’re good at football?

In South America and certain countries in Europe, the trade of human beings for large sums of money is a practice widely accepted as normal. This isn’t the slave trade, prostitution or anything naughty like that … this is the … Read more…

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