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Mediocre England need a megaphone man

By the time England trudged off the pitch in Podgorica, the clouds of smoke that surrounded Roy Hodgson were sinisterly reminiscing of the doubts that had afflicted his players’ performances in the second half, engulfing their minds and blocking their … Read more…

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Are Spain tiki-takaing their way into decline?

Eight months and 24 days ago, when Iker Casillas lifted his and Spain’s third major international trophy in a row after La Roja had dismantled Italy 4-0 in the European Championship final, Spain seemed to inhabit a footballing planet unknown … Read more…

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Dave Whelan’s comments were worse than the knee-high tackle!

In an era where chairmen of Premier League clubs are as elusive as the offshore bank accounts that house their wealth, Dave Whelan represents a throwback to the day and age when chairmen were the face of a football club … Read more…

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10 things to expect from the FA Cup this weekend

If you didn’t watch football this week, you didn’t miss much but, in case you are desperate for a quick recap, here’s a quick round-up of what happened.

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Will Rafa Benitez be the saviour of Chelsea FC this season?

A lot has been made of Rafa Benitez’ outspoken comments towards Chelsea fans and his confirmation that he will leave the club at the end of the season. By many, it has been labelled as a rant, an outburst by … Read more…

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