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Crime and Punishment: A Day in the Life of the FA

After #BUNCHOFTWATS-gate broke last week it was inevitable that everyone’s favourite diminutive panto-villain would end up being charged by both club and country. Although there are many at Chelsea who no doubt agree with Ashley Cole’s sentiment, the overriding consensus … Read more…

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Kevin Friend: Public Enemy Number One at the Community Shield

Football is back! Between the Euros and the Olympics that finished up last night, it was never -actually- gone. But let’s be honest, it’s not quite the same is it? No, it’s really not. Although the standard displayed was often … Read more…

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Refereeing: Two Ref’s better than one?

Week after week in the Premier League there seems to be one controversy after another when it comes to referees and their decisions. Only on Monday we saw Manchester City denied a penalty that would have levelled the game with … Read more…

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