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FA needs to get its own house in order instead of pointing fingers

“It is not my fault the country is only 60 million. There are 212 countries playing this game. We are blessed to have 20 of the world’s largest 50 clubs. Within that 20, between three and five of the biggest … Read more…

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FA and the Premier League: friends only when it suits them?

The Premier League doesn’t kick off for another 57 days. In fact, despite the countless rumours that have flooded the back pages over the last month, even the transfer window won’t officially open until July 1 and yet, after the … Read more…

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Premier League grows richer as English football falls further behind

Jerusalem’s Western Wall is also known as the “Wailing Wall”, due to the Jewish tradition of coming to the site to mourn and bemoan the destruction of the Temple that once existed there (a bit of unexpected history for you there).

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The FA should be held accountable for U21 failure

“We made one policy decision and that was if we asked senior players to play against Ireland and Brazil they would not play in one of the development tournaments,” said FA chairman David Bernstein in the wake of the humiliation … Read more…

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Twitter has brought fans closer to football! Really?

Not to sound like your drunken uncle at a family reunion, but I remember back when Twitter started to rouse a bit of interest in the UK. But just like Facebook, sports entertainment and super-sized portions, the UK trailed the … Read more…

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Crime and Punishment: A Day in the Life of the FA

After #BUNCHOFTWATS-gate broke last week it was inevitable that everyone’s favourite diminutive panto-villain would end up being charged by both club and country. Although there are many at Chelsea who no doubt agree with Ashley Cole’s sentiment, the overriding consensus … Read more…

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