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Twitter has brought fans closer to football! Really?

Not to sound like your drunken uncle at a family reunion, but I remember back when Twitter started to rouse a bit of interest in the UK. But just like Facebook, sports entertainment and super-sized portions, the UK trailed the … Read more…

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Football fans – it’s time to make the football family less disfunctional!

People talk about the ‘Football Family’ and a special bond of respect that joins football as one, uniting clubs, players, managers and fans. We all know it is not really true currently, the football family seems more of a feel-good … Read more…

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Is it all too ‘Social’ at QPR?

Neil Warnock is a mercurial manager and person you love to hate. Some will find Warnock good value for just his media comments alone, he’s a bit of a joker and he is one of the few that say it … Read more…

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