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The OIT at the University of Minnesota delivers a bundle of “common good services” to all units on campus. Services are funded through an enterprise cost pool paid on a per headcount basis by all units regardless of actual consumption. Representatives from campus units collectively determine the composition of the common good service bundle. Subscription-based and pay-per-use licensing models will continue to evolve as business demands for vital software applications continue to increase. As a Premium user you get access to the detailed source references and background information about this statistic.

Point Solutions For Technical And Engineering Applications

Additionally, the workarounds used to route university data in the absence of an enterprise workflow solution challenge UNLV’s ability to track and secure sensitive data. It is recommended that the implementation of new document imaging and electronic workflow begin as soon as possible after the initial implementation of Workday is complete. Planning for the document imaging and electronic workflow solutions can and should occur during the initial Workday implementation. However, the roll-out of the new solutions will require many of the same campus resources as Workday and should be delayed until those resources are available.

Other noteworthy industries were that of transportation, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Annually audit alignment of new data generated by the document management solution with UNLV’s data governance. To meet existing needs, several divisions on campus have implemented enterprise wide solution document imaging solutions for local use (see Table 12-1). Establish a university-wide approach to digital document storage, records retention and secure disposal of archives that will support the University’s goal to improve process workflows and increase administrative efficiency.

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Align document imaging procedures with state and NSHE legal requirements for business processes (e.g., records retention, electronic signatures, data security). The Nevada System of Higher Education has three current projects that will impact how the UNLV document imaging and electronic workflow solutions are implemented. The current use of electronic workflow systems across campus is difficult enterprise wide solution to ascertain. Some of the enterprise-level information systems (e.g., MyUNLV) include workflow functionality for transactional operations done within the system. The new Workday human resources and finance systems are also designed to automate many paper and email based business processes. Increase in enterprise business processes using the campus document management solution.

Support for the continued use of the eclectic mix of existing imaging and electronic workflow solutions is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and licensing costs are inhibiting expansion. Further, having multiple document imaging and electronic workflow solutions limits the university’s ability to leverage the efficiency that can be created by adopting campus-wide solutions. The challenge lies in prioritizing all the document imaging and workflow needs and securing sufficient resources to meet them.

Simplifying License Management Through Centralization

The formation of a cross-organizational group to oversee the selection, implementation, and ongoing governance of enterprise imaging and workflow systems is recommended. Digital Signatures – NSHE has instructed campuses to move to electronic approval processes wherever possible. Work is underway to determine when digital signatures for legally binding documents will be allowed and when traditional signatures will be required. The new enterprise-wide systems must also provide the functionality hire a WordPress Developer required to create electronic business transactions that integrate information and documents from multiple campus systems (e.g., MyUNLV, Workday, Digital Measures). Develop interfaces between the document management solution and other major campus systems. In the 2020 fiscal year, the technology and software industry was the heaviest adopter of encryption solutions, with 55 percent of respondents indicating that their enterprise was employing an enterprise-wide encryption solution.

UNLV also has current applications that could take advantage of new enterprise document imaging and electronic workflow solutions. Having a repository of the documents associated with the activity would increase the usefulness of the tool. The need is particularly acute in academic units where few commercial information systems designed to manage the workflow and approval processes unique to academic environments Agile Methodologies exist. The action items call for a more efficient administrative environment where information can be captured, staged, warehoused, analyzed, reported, and not lost with each academic cycle. Specific examples are provided in Appendix 12A. Additionally, several units across campus have identified specific forms and processes that would benefit from implementation of the enterprise solutions.


Units fund the common good service bundle based on the opportunity for use rather than metered consumption, providing a stable funding base for the central IT organization and creating a financial incentive for unit adoption. Figure #1 illustrates how the University of Minnesota uses a logical screening process for determining which services are best provisioned by central IT and which services are best provisioned by distributed IT. Additionally, team formation the new systems will be a rich source of new data that will need to be addressed as part of the institution’s comprehensive data management efforts . Companies often have enormously complex, wide-ranging IT resources running on different platforms, in different locations, and consisting of everything from software and hardware to virtual resources. We use cookies for a more personalized browsing experience, site analytics, and market research.

iNtegrate 2 – The replacement of the current human resources and financial management systems with Workday solutions is expected to improve the workflow for transactions completed within the new systems. Furthermore, the new Workday solution does not include robust document imaging functionality. Typically the workflow functionality within major transactional systems does not extend to associated transactions enterprise wide solution that occur outside a particular system. To supplement existing workflows, some units utilize productivity tools (e.g., Adobe Acrobat) to create electronic forms that are then routed for approval via email. Various campus units use different tools and different processes for approval, increasing the learning curves and frustration levels for those engaged in administrative activities across the campus.

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