I’m surprised it has taken so long. We’ve seen the first high-profile footballer hounded off Twitter – less than two hours after joining the social media site. So who was it? Who has annoyed fans all over the country so much that they’ve sent a barrage of abuse? Wayne Rooney? John Terry? Craig Bellamy? No, it’s Darron Gibson.

Now despite living in the South, I’m not a united fan, so I was flabbergasted to see him hounded off Twitter under a torrent of abuse from so called fans. He’s always been under the radar for me. Surely he’s not that offensive? I can understand people having a pop at Rooney, but Gibbo? Really?

Yes really. The Republic of Ireland international faced an onslaught of abuse from angry United fans unhappy with his performances for the team this season. After setting up his account over the weekend, Rio confirmed it was real and urged his followers to welcome his club-mate.

But within two hours, the account was gone. And who can blame him after Tweets such as: “Team do all hard work keeping possession then you hit row Z every f****** time! #don’tshootyou’res***” and “Your f***ing awful, get out of the club.”

Rio jumped to his defence and tweeted: “Darron Gibson says he came on to see what the lads were up to…he came off because he couldn’t be bothered with it not any other reason”.

Now this is hard to believe. He can have a look at what the other lads were up to without actually setting up an account. That’s the beauty of it. Or he could just give them a ring like we used to before the internet. He must have just lost his balls.

So it brings the ‘should footballers have Twitter accounts’ argument back into the press. It seems that those who do have them just open themselves up for a fall. They either slag people off and get fined for it, or have people slagging them off and can’t hack the abuse. Don’t get me wrong, no-one should really be abused so publically, but how is that abuse any different from the stuff that gets shouted every weekend from the terraces? I’m sure for every nasty Twitter comment Gibbo got, he got a nice one welcoming him to Twitter.

With Twitter you have to take the rough with the smooth. And I’m pretty sure people like Robbie Savage have received far worse abuse than you.

Man up Gibbo and come back. Otherwise the abuse will get much worse. Could this prompt the first terrace chants of ‘you couldn’t hack the Twitter’? I think terrace chants about Twitter may be a little way away, but we have seen a few players ruined from the terraces before and this has the attributes of the classic ‘take it and don’t complain or get it worse’. Most of us learned this in the playground. It seems like Gibbo could have some learning to do.

Come on footballers, man up and all of you get on Twitter!

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  1. Big Bill says:

    Gibson couldn’t hack, even Leon Knight can take the daily hate. I don’t know why so many haters though – what has Gibson ever done…other than bottle it on Twitter??

  2. Asmir says:

    Usual Man U, plastic fans, plastic players.

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