How to Enhance the Color of Your Flowerhorn

The Flowerhorn fish have individual humps on their heads and characterized black spots on its sides. The black spots can sometimes resemble Chinese numbers or characters that are considered to some bring luck by many people. These feature both appear to male and female flowerhorns. This breed of fish can be bred easily and enables breeders to venture in the flowerhorn sales. If you are a breeder, enhancing the color of your flowerhorns will give you the opportunity to venture more because enthusiasts prefer breed of flowerhorns with different colors.

The question is how to enhance color of your flowerhorn? There are lots of ways and methods to do that and you can be very lucky because you are in a right place and you are about to learn the effective technique and ways in enhancing the color of your high breed fish.

The Natural Colors

The most common color of flowerhorn fishes is red and it is very popular among individuals who perform Feng Shui. Other well-known colors include blue, orange, silver, and yellow. The question is which color should you enhance? As an owner your goal is to enhance first the natural color of the fish. Never force your fish to develop colors that are against its natural color as this can lead to allergic reaction and is some cases too much amount of color enhancer can kill them.

Things That Can Help Enhance the Color of Your Flowerhorn

Pallets with Color Enhancing Pigments – There are many fish food that contains varying amount of color enhancing pigments. The most color enhancing pigment that can be found in fish foods is the astaxanthin which is used to effectively enhance orange and red coloration. Some might contain spirulina for enhancing blue and other may have xanthopyll for enhancing yellow. It is highly recommended by reputable breeders mobile strike cheats to used fish foods that contains balanced amount of these pigmanest in order to effectively enhance color of your flowerhorn.

Lighting- lighting also plays a crucial role in enhancing color of your flowerhorn. In many years, it’s been noted that fishes exposed to sufficient indirect sunlight can develop vivid colors. It can be best if you place your fish tank to a well-lighted area where there is indirect source of sunlight.

Live Food – At one point, feeding your fish share more details with live foods can also help in enhancing the color of your fish. Frozen blood worms and shrimps can help in enhancing the redness of your fish while for enhancing yellow you can give your fish dried egg yolks.

How lords mobile cheats hack to enhance color of your flowerhorn must be associated with intensity and spread of coloration. When enhancing the natural of your fish you have to take into an account that both intensity and balance coloration is acquired. The enhancement of color should be crisp and vivid and should cover as wide as possible. You have to keep I mind that this breed of fish have different colors at varying intensity and width. It is recommended that if one color is more intense than the other you have to enhance the less intense one. This can make the color of your fish well balanced and nice to look at.

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