International Football: The Future part 3 – Breakaway from FIFA

I look back on the season just gone and think what a great year of football, a thrilling Premiership to the very end, drama throughout all the league’s down to the conference, but what I don’t remember too fondly about this season is England’s bid for the World Cup 2018 and also the general behaviour by Sepp Blatter and FIFA all year.

I don’t think too many media stories recently have had more column inches than the sham that is FIFA, I was so up in arms that I was happy to stand against Blatter myself. As that didn’t happen (have no idea why?) the only action left for England is to stick two fingers up at Blatter and as a nation, the FA should leave FIFA like Ryan left Imogen.

This notion was uttered by sports minister Hugh Robertson a few weeks ago when we were still right in the middle of wading through the tar that is FIFA. When we discussed doing a series of articles at Football Rascal I was keen to let the dust settle and reflect when we knew what had happened with Blatter and his erection…I mean election or laughable coronation, whichever you prefer and now he is back in for 4 years every nation needs to protest, every country should leave FIFA.

Now to some this may seem a radical move, well I suppose it would be as it would completely change the face of football, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I am more than desperate for Sepp Blatter and the corrupt bureaucrats at FIFA to disappear than most other things in my life right now. Imagine a world with no FIFA, with a new governing body I like to call ‘Freedom from FIFA’ (the FFF) that can be made up of people that actually know something about the game, let’s go crazy-they may even understand the beautiful game; the history, where the game is now and where it will be in future.

So I have been doing a lot of thinking, putting the world and FIFA bang to rights and the only way forward is if the super powers of world football combine and breakaway from FIFA. At least 12 of the top 25 nations in the FIFA world rankings would have to commit and all the major world leagues would have to join the revolution. So as I see it, if England and the home nations were to leave, plus Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Brazil, and Argentina that would pretty much rip the guts out of FIFA like Freddie Kruger going through a helpless American teenager.

Best thing is it only takes a few to start something and the rest will follow, especially if it was some of the ‘bigger’ football nations. In terms of FIFA the only thing we actually care about is the World Cup, but if all the biggest footballing nations breakaway then there is no more World Cup, well not a FIFA one at least.

That is really the key, everyone would have to commit, if they don’t then Blatter could slap Platini around a bit, feed him a biscuit, pat him on the head and before would know it, English teams would be out of the Champions League in a worst case scenario.

Look at the Under 21 European Championships, only 8 teams, two groups of 4 that go through to a knockout semi-final and then the final, nice and easy and a breakaway competition comprising of only the best nations would be a lot more exciting. Picture two groups of 8 teams; the 8 being England, Spain, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Portugal and Italy. The groups would be more competitive and group stages therefore a lot more exciting, with only the best teams involved. This is clearly seems an elitist movement, but football has become about entertainment and the tournament would be expanded to other nations further down the line.

My excitement for the UEFA Euro under 21 Championships means I do still care about international football, there is defiantly a place for it, imagine an England without national disappointment about the football team-it would surely be rubbish; we would have no villains like Beckham at World Cup 1998 or Rooney at World Cup 2010.

The alternate World Cup would be born, I don’t mind arranging it-we will write the nations down on a bit of A4, tear it up and pick them out of a hat, streamed live via internet from FFF headquarters; it would be budget but amazing. The real money would be spent on the tournament itself, making sure everyone is catered for. We would pick the best bits of the major sporting events from round the world and integrate these in to our tournament. Move aside Keys and Gray…for example, at half-time in every game, the nations that are playing will produce models from their country for a half-time match that mirrors that of the ‘Lingerie Bowl’ watchable on alternate channels during Super Bowl half time. It is idea’s like this that will lead us forward…

Seriously though, the world nations are the ones with the power, it is their participation that means hundreds of millions are spent on TV, advertising and sponsorship at the World Cup. We need to shift the power back to the nations rather than FIFA/Blatter (who are pretty much one in the same thing) being the masters of this football universe, where nothing is fair and change is shunned.

I agree with Alan Brazil, boycott the brands associated with FIFA, lets make a stand.

Let’s rise up, support the FFF movement and give the FA the confidence that the people would support a decision to leave FIFA. VIVA LA FFF…let’s get it trending (twitter) #FFF

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  1. G-Dob says:

    Breaking away is 100% the way to go. Ask yourself one question…not are you feeling lucky, does anyone you know have something positive to say about FIFA?answers on a stamp.

  2. Steve says:

    I am lkiking the languire bowl…lets get it in football!

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