It’s a new dawn for Liverpool Football Club and the right appointment is needed

It has been an interesting period at Liverpool Football Club with all the goings on regarding a new manager and the general restructuring plans that seem to be afoot. Speculation reached fever pitch two weeks ago as Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish was dismissed and a new dawn is set to begin at this giant club. Things have not really gone according to plan for Liverpool’s owners FSG, they are not only frustrated at last seasons performance, but have been frustrated in their search for Dalglish’s successor. Liverpool need a man who can take the club forward, but currently the future seems uncertain. 

Reports coming out of Liverpool are that the new manager will be named on Friday, but it may not be the ‘big name’ manager that many would expect for a club the size of Liverpool. Names such as Rafa Benitez, Fabio Capello, 
Andre Villas-Boas, 
Pep Guardiola,
Didier Deschamps,
 Jurgen Klopp,
 Michael Laudrup and Frank Rijkaard were just some linked with the Liverpool post, but it seems to have come down to just two names left to speculate about: Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers.

Now firstly I personally think that Roberto Martinez will take the job. Brendan Rodgers has been mentioned, but he doesn’t look like he will leave Swansea and rumours Liverpool have been given permission to speak to him are wide of the mark according to Swansea. So that leaves only Martinez – is he the man to lead Liverpool in a new direction? The jury is out, but the process of finding a suitable candidate has been worrying.

No one seemed to want the job particularly, but in days gone by Liverpool would have been able to attract some of the biggest and best managers in world football – then again you are only as good as you last season and in Liverpool’s case, in the league, that wasn’t too great. No disrespect to Liverpool’s new perspective manager, but you would expect Liverpool to go out and get more of a Mourinho than a Martinez…but maybe I am living in the past.

Roberto Martinez will signal a new dawn at Liverpool as they once again try to rise back to prominence under a Spanish manager, but he has his work cutout. Liverpool are already quite a way behind this seasons top 5 and that doesn’t include Chelsea who, if cryptic Twitter comments are true, are about to sign one of Europe’s most in-demand players in Eden Hazard. Chelsea’s Champions League victory was a get out of jail free card for Chelsea and damage limitation to stop them not falling further behind the front runners of the Premier League, but Liverpool are not as fortunate.

Martinez will have to reinvigorate Liverpool for the fans who demand nothing less than for their team getting a finish top four finish and it is getting harder and harder to achieve this. Sides like Premier League Champions Manchester City and fourth place Spurs have grown and developed sides that can challenge domestically and in Europe like Liverpool used to. It is not just the fans that demand top four success, FSG do.

The Premier League has evolved and it is time for Liverpool to do the same as Kop icon Steven Gerrard ages and other stalwarts of the team like Dirk Kuyt and Jamie Carragher leave or fade away, a revolution is needed before it is too late. Sacking Dalglish was the best thing the club could do despite calls from many fans and pundits that he should get another season, even if only for old times sake. This was a cold hearted business decision because FSG know Liverpool need major change now because any dithering could cost them, but this also means that this is one of Liverpool’s most important managerial appointments ever.

Martinez will find that when he takes the helm at Anfield there will be instant pressure on him to turn Liverpool back in to a top four club because that is the only way FSG can create the type of revenues that will give them the return on their investment that they need. Revenue’s are not just domestically now, but internationally and Liverpool need as much exposure as possible on all fronts.

Martinez needs to remodel the Liverpool style of play to pay homage to Liverpool teams of old and produce the fast paced, free flowing, attacking football that the Premier League now demands. If he can get the right players in, he has a chance of doing that – the question is can Liverpool attract the right caliber of player. Don’t be surprised to see players like Joe Cole re-enter the fray and either Martinez or whoever the new man is will have to wheel and deal to get players capable of pushing Liverpool back the next level.

There is no doubt a new dawn is coming at Liverpool, whether it is Roberto Martinez or someone else it will be no easy task. Expectations will be high for the new manager because Liverpool can no longer afford to not have Champions League football at Anfield, not because history dictates this, but because the new owners do. Sentiment is dead at Liverpool Football Club apart from fans and relics of old – King Kenny’s dismissal proved that. Liverpool need results because football is a results business, but more importantly now it is a money business. 

Who do you want to see as Liverpool manager? Can either Brendan Rodgers or Roberto Martinez do the job or are they not experienced enough? Have your say below. Make sure you follow Football Rascal on Facebook and Twitter for a daily dose of the football news and banter you need to know! We want your support, so get on board!

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  1. usmansali says:

    Up liverpool

  2. Red2death says:

    Kenny’s second managerial stint was never about sentiment, and in the same way the end of that stint has nothing to do with the end of ‘sentiment’ at Liverpool. Dalglish was brought in to re-unify a team that was completely destroyed and demoralized by Hodgson. He did that.

    Likewise, when some fans call for Rafa, it’s not out of sappy sentiment to remember the highs of 2005. It’s because out of all the managers out there, Rafa is the best one for the club – based on merit, not history.

    Yes, Liverpool is a storied club steeped in grand history, but frankly ‘sentiment’ was never a big part of footballing decisions, so it’s no big story that it continues not to be.

    • S-Kell says:

      This is a results business. Benitez and Hodgson had a higher winning % than Kenny in this recent return as manager. I’m not in the dressing room, so I don’t know if Kenny unified the team, but I can tell you that if he had, they would have performed better on the field. Also, signing Carrol, Downing, and Henderson at a hugely inflated prices were all poor management. He deserved the sack more than any other PL manager in recent history. Only good thing he did was sign Suarez, and that was likely a Commoli signing.

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