Kevin Friend: Public Enemy Number One at the Community Shield

The Missing Link: Sweaty in patches

Football is back! Between the Euros and the Olympics that finished up last night, it was never -actually- gone. But let’s be honest, it’s not quite the same is it? No, it’s really not. Although the standard displayed was often far superior to some of the skills on display at Villa Park in this year’s Community Shield. These were two teams clearly who had enjoyed their pre-season vacations training a tad too much – one a little more than the other.
And the players weren’t the only ones. To say that Kevin Friend had a bit of a shocker, is like saying that maybe John Terry wouldn’t be the best face of this year’s Kick It Out Campaign. Outside of the ridiculous challenge from Ivanovic that definitely warranted his card, the rest of the cards given and missed were inconsistent and at times, defied logic. I know I’m being pretty demanding in needing logic AND consistency from a referee, but there you go.
If you’re a Chelsea supporter, it had to feel good to see Fernando Torres start things off exactly where he left off last season – with a full head of highlights. There’s of course the matter of the goal as well. However everything else about the performance indicated a need for a few more training sessions before next weekend comes. The defence did a fantastic job in the first half keeping City at bay, but once reduced to 10 men, there wasn’t much they could do. City were far more organised from beginning to end.
The City supporters were in decent voice once they started winning – and of course when letting Hazard and eventually Sturridge know what they thought of them. At times Hazard tried to be a bit too cute and gave away some cheap passes, even falling on his arse to the delight of the ‘away’ crowd.
Without Balotelli starting, there was some concern that there would be no random messages for the cameras. However, Carlos Tevez kept Balotelli’s kitman busy by having him print ‘fuerte apache’ on his shirt. This of course was less hilarious message and a reminder to Tevez of where he lives. And to be fair, he had to get the kit man involved as the rest of us, I reckon, would have trouble interpreting what Cro-Magnon Tevez was trying to tell us.
Arguably the best moment of the match was when a man dressed in a yellow onesie kicked off in the City section. As he tried having a go at a number of City supporters only to be taken down by a half dozen stewards. But these stewards were useless against a man in a onesie! After wrestling him to the ground numerous times, this wiley opponent managed to break free to have a go at more supporters.  Eventually the police were called in to subdue the ever fashionable figure. In all, it took a dozen men to escort him out of the building.  
Congratulations to the marketing department at McDonald’s who selected Yaya Toure as their man of the match. And although Toure had a decent match, his brother’s reputation has preceded him. Toure was selected as player most likely to be caught out with a half dozen Big Mac’s (other sandwiches are available) after a match.
Five more sleeps until it all kicks off. Enjoy the silence…
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