Knowledge Base – Amazing Features Of Era of Celestials On iOS And Android Phones You Should Try [Part 2].

Therefore, deploy them according to their strengths to create a good strategy for different battle situations. During battles, your character can take on the form of any Angel they have unlocked. Transforming into an Elysian gives you special celestial abilities that destroy any type of demon. Playing Era of Celestials on PC fun is because the game offers a wide selection of modes. You can easily finish most of the quests without moving a finger.

There is no available redeemable codes for iOS devices. However, we can manually bind your account to GTArcade. But before we can proceed, we need to verify whether you are the owner of this character. Please provide us all the latest order numbers that were made on your account. If you are still experiencing difficulty recovering your account, please scroll to the bottom of this page and complete a support request using the form.

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The Refugees appears to be a defensive map against necromantic troops, but you will soon have to face a much stronger enemy. Making a favoured enemy and hitting the level 12 cap are the critical objectives of that first part of the campaign, and Psychobabble explains how you can achieve that. This is where you can smelt all your unwanted gear to obtain Crystallites and Magic Residues.

Demons have marched their way to Celestial City, and it is the last bastion of hope for humankind. It’s up to the players, who will do battle with powerful bosses, collect awesome loot, and craft items to save humankind. It also offers guilds and intense PVP battles to go along with the PvE content, as well as detailed 3D graphics to deliver a lovely game experience on mobile devices.

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Konsta is a group of players of about the same level, which is related to common goals. For the exchange of equipment between the characters, you can use the warehouse gi. When a player puts in some kind of equipment in the Vault, instead of it he is given “equipment points”. The higher the rank and the more “stars” on the subject, the more “points” are added to the player. When a player withdraws items from the Store, the corresponding number of points is deducted from him.

  • It filled with interesting quests against real players refer to this web page and raids.
  • All Angels also have weapons, and improvements are also available to him.
  • You can either contact me through LevelSkip or directly through the game.
  • In this post we’ll answer every question you’ve ever had about cheating in Era of Celestials and getting free diamonds.
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  • Otherwise, have a good reading – this guide is 64 pages long.
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