Knowledge Base – New Hacks On Google Maps App On iOS And Android Phones You Didn’t Know Yet | 2021

Game apps offer real-time challenges for outside fun and interaction with the surrounding world. Running games with a scary plot, augmented reality with quests, and treasure hunting apps are a few examples of creative geolocation use. Today’s dating apps use geolocation to match a user with people who have been to the Google Maps free download for android apk same places or have walked past the user within several hundred meters. Such apps have learned to indicate where your paths have intersected and when.

Data is captured within the app such as missed deliveries and completions. This gives team leaders the information they need to create more successful routes over time. It specializes in planning and optimizing routes for delivery drivers. It definitely doesn’t have the features key to a sales team, but if you have a courier or delivery fleet, this is an alternative to RouteSavvy.

Cricut Is Charging Users For The Machines They Already Own

As Casey Meraz told us, “Yahoo lost the battle with Google & Apple because Yahoo Maps never really evolved. It’s been “dead” for quite some time and it never kept up with the times”. “When Yahoo was peering down its nose at an upstart Google, local search wasn’t even a thing yet.

  • I use the “elevation profile” and the google map search for campgrounds.
  • For 25+ years I have ONLY used a Garmin GPS for navigation (wish it was CarPlay capable!).
  • This information is neatly collected in tabs at the bottom of the app.
  • That’s when I started using and added another step where I simply export my map into something called a KML file and import it into as a bookmark list and voila it’s all in there.
  • These self-made GPS and map apps can prove to be of critical importance and assist you in times of emergency.

Once you’re done adding destinations, save and bookmark your map so it’s easy to pull up later. If you are traveling with others you can share the map through email . To get directions from one destination to the next, hold your shift key down and click on the starting pin and then on the ending pin. Once both pins are selected, click on the add direction icon (It’s near the top and looks like an arrow going in two different directions). Once all of your destinations are entered, you can have fun getting a little nerdy with the map!

What Google Maps Can Do For You

I’m sure the person who gets to pixelate the images has a security clearance. That doesn’t guarantee anything except that a particular social circle has access to information that the rest of us don’t. What they do with that information is, well, best left to the imagination. Look what someone’s done to the Sellafields [] nuclear plant in the UK! They’ve blurred all of the surroundings as well – presumably to stop you from navigating there by landmark.

If you’re curious, some online images reveal the house before Google pixelated it. Now let’s check out the two houses that have been blurred for an unknown reason. Are you meth cookers, terrorists or anti-government anarchists? I think it’s kind of cool and I’ve shared my images with my friends on social media. Not only that, but I’ve been able to save images of the homes that numerous ancestors of mine have lived in over the years without having to drive over 600 miles to see them.

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