It’s been a week since the transfer window ended so we thought we’d have a look at the comings, the goings, and more importantly whether these players will save their new clubs’ seasons.

Many were last minute smash and grabs, notably Torres and Carroll, and at the time it screamed desperation – everyone knows when the transfer window is – so why the last ditch transfers? Of course, we don’t know the background to all the deals, so for all we know they may have been in the pipeline for up to a month, but it just reminds me of working in a shop.

Working as a cashier in a shop it always used to astound me that when you’d finally scanned all the clothes in, the customer only then used to start digging around for their purse or wallet. Seriously??!! Are you actually surprised that you’re paying for stuff?! You’re in a shop?

So all eyes were on the new boys this weekend – in particular Torres (remember Liverpool bizarrely paid more than £30mil for Carroll who is a “few weeks off” fitness). I think I could hear the smugness and glee from the red side of Merseyside all the way in Hertfordshire on Sunday afternoon. But I think we need to stop and think for a minute. It was only one game, he’s only been training with Chelsea for a week, and let’s face it, he’s a class act so it won’t be long before he’s banging in goals. We shall wait and see if Carroll does the same – when he’s fit of course. Meanwhile Newcastle don’t seem to be missing Carroll in the slightest. It’s defenders they need. Or Rosicky playing against them every week.

But of course it wasn’t just Torres and Carroll who packed their bags to head off to new clubs – let’s not forget the loan deals. Personally I think it’s this wheeling and dealing which will make and break clubs’ seasons this year. As Lloyd Grossman once said, let’s look at the evidence: O’Hara was part of the side that ended United’s unbeaten run at the weekend, since Bentley has gone to Birmingham they’ve won one and drawn one climbing out of the relegation zone, and Walker has now been called up to the England squad thanks to his loan move to Villa and actually playing well (did you see that cracking goal??!!). Unfortunately Keane at West Ham is a bit hit and miss at the moment – let’s face it, he’s going to need all the luck of the Irish to keep the Hammers up.

So time will tell on these deals and if Torres and Carroll will set the Premier League alight. Is it best to stick with the value range rather than taste the difference?

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  1. Tony@Boca says:

    Carrol was a bad choice by Liverpool, a complete knee jerk reaction, Dalglish wasn’t any good the first time around

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