Palace: Dougie Freedman – A Fallen Idol?

I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe he’s left us. I didn’t really believe it until Bolton had announced it – I thought maybe he would have thought better. That he was having second thoughts about the move and remembered how he felt about the club. Legend? I’m not so sure anymore.

And why Bolton FFS?!? They’re just about sitting in the relegation zone while Dougie has lead us to near the top. Never thought I’d see us here until he took charge. Sure… if you like things like “statistics” and “facts” – Dougie isn’t so ledge on paper. In fact he had the same win percentage that just saw Jewell sacked at Ipswich.

I still can’t believe it. Thought we meant more to Dougie than this. What did he go up there for? Money? Certainly not glory. He won’t be loved like he was here at Selhurst. I’m not a man to get emotional – but I may have shed a tear.

F*ck it. If he wants to leave then fine. We’ll be better off.  Don’t know why Bolton even wanted him. He better not touch Wilf. In fact, the only reason we are where we are is because of him not Dougie. Any manager with Wilf could get us to this.

Who next? Certainly not Coppell again. Surely, the bookies are taking an easy punt with that one. McCarthy has experience but wouldn’t fit our style of play. Maybe we cold nab Coyle – sure he ran out of ideas there – but certainly would improve Wilf even more – not that he needs it.

At least we still have the Crystals.

Noel Emberton

England By Birth… Palace By Grace of God!!!!!

You can take our Points, You can take our Manager… But you cant take our Championship!!

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  1. Ian says:

    Dear me. Palace fans, stop sobbing into your cornflakes and grow up. It’s football, these things happen. One thing has been patently clear since DF left for the Reebok, Palace fans are in general a deluded bunch. The article above illustrates my point perfectly. You aren’t where you are because of one player, you are where you are because of a collective team effort on behalf of players and ex management. There’sa good chance that if you devote your energies into finding a talented Manager you could have a decent season, but you’ll need to pull your fingers out and stop acting like a set of girls in order for that to happen. One more thing, do you lot go out of your way to employ bell ends as Chairmen?

    • JB says:

      Hi Ian,

      The Rascal Team certainly appreciates your feedback a little more than Noel does I imagine. Bit of a sensitive soul and that.

      It’s always difficult when a ‘club hero’ takes on the management role and then either fails massively as in Dalglish’s last stint or here where Freedman was considered by many to be a legend – and then just up and leaves while barely into the season.

      Who do you think would be a good fit to keep Palace up – and maybe see them promoted next season? Although Freedman was obviously adored – his win record was poor and saw Jewell terminated at Ipswich.


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