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If Spurs don’t make Europe this year (and it’s now very, very, very unlikely) then they can only blame themselves. Yes Harry will bleat about injuries to key players over the season, and yes Gomes can hold his hands up to a number of dropped points (and balls), but quite frankly you don’t deserve any European football, Champions’ League or Europa, with the results produced over the past few months. Dropped points at home to Blackpool, West Brom and West Ham, as well as losses away to Chelsea (although unfairly) Man City and Blackpool and draws away to Wigan and Wolves, means the club have squandered 19 points since February – just as Liverpool were coming into form for fifth. Their loss at City away was not set in stone, or a battering, but sometimes you have to make your own luck (and not score own goals).

Harry has basically come out and said that he’s not interested in qualifying for the Europa League. And some fans agree with him. Whether he, and them, are saying this to save face as it’s hard to see Liverpool slipping up now, I’m not sure, but I think the club would be mad not to play some kind of European football next season. Do they deserve European football? Quite frankly no. But I worry for the club if they’re not in the competition. I can’t see the likes of Bale, Modric and Van Der Vaart sticking around to just play in the Premier League. Bale and VDV haven’t played brilliantly since the turn of the year but that won’t stop the big guns coming in, and Man Utd have been sniffing around Modric for the last 12 months. And we all know what happens when your best players leave, the club struggles further, dropping a few Premier League places each season, and those Champions’ League nights seem a distant memory.

It’s hard to see when Spurs will next play in the Champions’ League. If Harry is correct, which I’ll reserve judgement on at the moment, City already have three major signings in the bag, and are after everyone from Rooney and Messi to Pele and Maradona. There’s no way Spurs can compete financially with them, especially if they continue this ridiculous judicial review over Stratford, and Liverpool will be upping the ante over the summer too.

So what next? Who do they ditch? Has Harry had his time? I think some of his decisions over the past year have been strange, but he’s generally called them right so I’m guessing most fans would like to see him stay. What they do need to do is be brutal and get rid of the dead wood and scrap. Out with Pavlyuchenko, Jenas, Palacios, Gomes, King (well early retirement for him), Woodgate, Bentley and Keane (I’m sure Spurs fans will agree Birmingham and West Ham can keep them) and then they can look for another two central defenders, a goalie, another two-three strikers, and two decent holding midfielders. But of course, this goes back to the central problem. Money and where to get it from. I wonder if City will give them a loan?

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  1. eggsoakley says:

    I can only blame the performances versus the 4 W’s and Blackpool for no European football next term. City and Liverpool rarely drop points against such teams, and it’s pathetic for Spurs who played such good football in Europe this season to come away with no prize in Europes elite again. The only real bonuses for them have been the emergence of Sandro, and Modric showing his worth in the central role.

    Judging by the results this season, Spurs will beat Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday and lose to Birmingham at home the final day of the season.

    As for players staying, if Spurs sell any of the ‘top’ stars then another Everton is on the cards.

  2. It’s not very, very, very etc unlikely Spurs will qualify for the Europa League. If we beat Liverpool on Sunday, like we did earlier in the season, then we’ll most likely finish 5th. And if we beat Liverpool then we deserve to finish above them.

    We don’t need any holding midfielders. Sandro has been brilliant and Tom Huddlestone has been great too. All we need is a top striker. If we’d have signed a decent striker in the summer of even in January I think we’d have finished 4th, or possibly higher.

  3. Nicko says:

    I agree with the need for a class Striker, wrote an article on that for Spurs-web have a look, discusses possible summer targets. The main problem is now going to be who we can get if we can’t offer at least Europa League even though I would prefer not to be in it!

  4. El Tel says:

    I think we do need holding midfielders. If Sandro or Tommy get injured then who else will play?
    Obviously i’d have picked the Champions’ League over Europa, but i don’t agree with those fans that say they’d rather no European football at all than be in Europa, so i agree with Nicko – who would we get without nothing to offer them?

  5. Nicko says:

    Reports today are that there will be a mass clearout and I think we need it. We need a new keeper, and at least two strikers, if being pickie maybe a right back if hutton and charlie leave, a left back, maybe a centre back and another midfielder who can play on the left. The striker we could have/should have got was Suarez, not ideal for this season, but would have got a couple – looks a great player.

  6. Helen-Jemima Cleaver says:

    Could we not play some of our other players? We have lots of kids and we could sell all the older players like bale and mdric and play some 17/18 year olds. They may not be as good as the current team but think of the money we would save? we could spend this on some cushions for the seats. My bum always hurts afte 90 minutes at the lane. I am having a barbeque after the play-off final and you can all come. I have got some lovely burgers and really soft baps.

  7. eggsoakley says:

    Bring a cushion to the next game and say you have hemorrhoids if anyone objects to it being brought in. Then we can keep Bale & Modric.

  8. El tel says:

    Why on earth are you sitting at the game?! Stand up if you love Tottenham!
    Anyway it looks like Gallas agrees with Lara. He doesn’t think we deserve Europe after all the points dropped either!

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