Quick Cash From Your Stock Portfolio While Keeping It Intack

Today many of my clients want to start a business and or move up in the housing market and most qualify for a loan but weather you’re buying a business or new home, lenders want you to have some skin in the game, meaning some of your own funds to facilitate your dreams.

If you go down to your friendly banker and ask for funds in the form of a side, he or she will just look at you like a deer caught in the headlights. This is a no/no these days when financial underwriters are nervous.

However there is an easy solution if you have a good size stock portfolio, meaning at least $75,000.

You can borrow against your stock portfolio from 75K to 100M more details and get up to 80% loan-to-value (LTV), meaning if you have 2M in stock you could get up to 1.6M in cash out in the form of a loan for real estate or anything else for that matter.

Here are the highlights:

* Interest rate in 4% range
* Pay interest only per quarter
* Get to keep their stock in their portfolio, so if it goes up they still make money.
* Total non recourse – if stock goes to zero, they don’t have to dominations hack cheats tool repay
* Must have at least $75,000. in their stock portfolio, penny, foreign stocks accepted.
* No reporting to credit agencies.
* No up front fees to implement
* Close http://www.boombeachhackss.com/boombeachhack/ in about 5 days

I have further details that you should be aware of but the process is fast, simple, and clean to get what you need from your stock in about a weeks time.

Does your stock broker offer these services? Yes, in most cases but they only loan about 50% of your stock and in most cases, the loan is full recourse meaning if you don’t pay it back, your credit report will look like you should be a street person.

Not so with our loan, it’s full non recourse so if the stock heads to zero overnight, it’s the underwriters problem, not yours.

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