Quick Review of Oppo BDP – 80 Blu-Ray Player

The BDP-80 released by Oppo this year is an universal profile 2.0 Blu-ray Player. What this means is it can support BD-Live and Bonus View, DVD-Video, Super Audio CD (SACD), HDCD, CD and other media formats like AVCHD, MKV video files, digital photos and music. Of course, it can play Blu-ray and DVD disc as well. Some of its features include fast disc loading times www.boombeachhackcheatz.xyz on almost all Blu-ray Discs, very quick operational speed, and great audio and video controls. Also included is the same decoder and similar firmware found in the Oppo’s BDP-83 Blu-ray Player.

Video Quality: The BDP-83 has a HDMI 1.3 port which supports Full 1080p High Definition. Features include Deep Color and Source Direct modes. Component video, S-Video and Composite video outputs. It has tremendous HD image playback with Blu-ray Disc and can upscale DVDs to High Definition up to 1080p to give you the best DVD picture quality. The BDP-80 has a “Source Direct” Output mode. Which means it provides access as a digital transport. You can let it feed into external processors, a high-end audio/video receiver or even a display device with built in video processing. Subtitle shift and vertical stretch zoom are unique details that make the BDP-80 a wonderful source component for home theater systems with 2.35:1 Constant Image Height displays.

Audio Quality: The BDP-80 has internal audio decoding and bitstream output of the newest sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio. Another great audio feature is it’s configurable 7.1-channel analog otuput which can be set as 7.1-channel, 5.1-channel, or stereo. The BDP-80 boom beach cheats tool will output DSD or Direct Stream Digital over HDMI in its original format or even convert it into high resolution PCM when playing SACD. It also has optical and a coaxial digital audio output to comply with legacy Audio/Video receivers and DACs.

You should find setting up the BDP-80 Blu-ray player very easy. Especially with its Easy Setup Wizard and precisely written owners manual. Disc playback will not be interrupted when setup menus are used. There are front and back USB ports that can provide access to music, photos and video files. One of the main features every great Blu-ray Player should have is internal memory. With internal memory you do not need a memory card or flash drive to use BD-Live and Bonus View features. The BDP-80 fortunately, comes with 1 GB of internal memory. This feature and all the other great qualities mentioned will make the Oppo BDP-80 a nice addition into anyone’s Home Entertainment System.

THE PROS: Oppo latest Blu-ray player, BDP-80, is another universal Blu-ray Player. meaning it can play Blu-ray, DVD, SACD, DVD-A, AVCHD and many more. It has great video and audio quality. With internal decoding of High Definition audio formats. It also has 1 GB of internal memory as well as USB 2.0 to playback media.

THE CONS: This is really not a negative in the true sense, but it must be mentioned that the Oppo BDP-80 video processor is a level down from the Oppo BDP-83. It does not have any online streaming services such as Netflix or Pandora.

THE FINAL WORD: The Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray Player is basically a scaled down version of the more expensive counter part, the Oppo BDP-83. By eliminating the such features as the ABT2010 video processor, different face plate detailing, DVD 24p up-conversion, IR ports and a remote with back lighting, Oppo is offering the BDP-80 at a much lower price. What you do get with best eletric tea kettle review the Oppo BDP-80 is absolutely outstanding video and audio quality. Quality that few manufactures can rival. — Price you should look for when purchasing — Under $300.00

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