Rodgers: Same Country, Same Price for Cavani and Suarez

"Ha, Ha. You look tasty"

Leave it to Brendan Rodgers to take a tit for tat stance on pricing his players in the transfer window. In his latest press conference, Rodgers stated that “obviously for a player of [Suarez’] quality, when you consider that Cavani has gone for £55M you know … Luis is up there in that bracket of top talent.” Obviously Brendan, obviously. The logic here is that despite Suarez’ previous valuation being in and around £40 million, that because his compatriot went for £55M, then he should too. That’s some excellent business acumen on the part of Mr. Rodgers. He went on to say that even if an offer of ‘Cavani money’ came in for Suarez, then he just might not accept that either. Playing the indifference card would be all well and good if the player hadn’t spent weeks (months) lobbying for a move elsewhere.

Suarez has been subject to a bid from Arsenal…let’s all pause and just take some time to process that Arsenal bid for a player, not just bid, but whacked in a £30m offer. Quite surprising considering Arsenal’s dippings into the transfer pool consisting of signing teenage children and selling captain after captain, we admire Wenger’s new found laissez-faire attitude to transfer fees. For that alone, Liverpool should have sat up and listened to the offer. But David Brent Brendan Rodgers won’t be taken for a fool after his foray into television stardom on Being: Liverpool. Oh no.

The figure that had to be reached was £40 million according to the lesser Guardiola. Suarez’ agent, Pere Guardiola, says that sum should trigger a release clause which should allow Suarez to get away from the horrible English press that incite his rage on the pitch and make him go a little Girl Interrupted. However, Rodgers continues to dig in his heels, ignoring any such clause and saying the club will keep a man who’s missed 19 games due to suspension. NINETEEN matches – and that’s without receiving a red card.

In their last 41 appearances, Suarez has managed to score 29 goals – 3 in Europe. Cavani has scored 39 goals – 7 in Europe and somehow made it through each of those matches without biting anyone at all. Cavani has kept his head down, worked hard and become one of the elite and in demand strikers around Europe. Although Suarez has managed to impress with his football skills, the biting, the altercations, the handballs – it all comes at a price. This is a man who successfully angered Fulham supporters. A real take notice moment amidst his controversial career in England.

No one is denying the talent that Suarez possesses, however, his excess baggage should be more than enough to take a bite out of his transfer fee. His new club will need it for anger management classes – or at least tetanus shots for opposing players. Liverpool should cut their losses and let little Luis be someone else’s pet project – because Cavani, he isn’t.



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  1. Me says:

    The worst, poorly written and thoughtless, assessment of Suarez/Rodgers ‘issues’ I have seen yet. Whoever the nameless author is, I advise this. STOP WRITTING.

  2. john says:

    Obviously a bitter Manc or a chav. Poorly written article, and a ridiculous points. Do you guys give kids t-shirts for writing this drivel.. Luis may have some baggage but is still one of the best out there. How did I even end up reading this muck!!!

    • JB says:

      There’s nothing to take away from his skill set here or a suggestion he should go for free. But unfortunately for Liverpool the player wants out. Should the transfer fee be £55M just because that’s how much PSG paid for Cavani?

  3. Margus12 says:

    The internet killed journalism. Now every ham fisted, grammatically challenged saddo thinks he can write. It’s really sad.

  4. Awara Confido Okuan says:

    The assessment is based on utter bias and gross envy, and therefore lacks substance. Be objective in your analyses in sensitive issues like this, i advice.

    • JB says:

      Transfer fees don’t really constitute as sensitive issues. If they do, you might be following the wrong sport – it gets a lot messier than this.

  5. speeednet says:

    Bitter, deluded, victim bin dippers will always find some spurious angle to defend their players and fans, no matter what they have done. So like the lefties in this World rather than offer up a contrary point based on facts and reason they aim to shout down the opposition or in this case observation.

    Then there is the dodgy logic: Ronaldo went to Madrid for £80m, Suarez also wears a red shirt and plays in the North West so he must be worth the same.

  6. tom t says:

    Avoiding the poor grammar/spelling mistakes your point is most valid. I’d say 40m would be about right. Liverpool paid £20 odd million for him and he’s improved. Liverpool would be in serious trouble if he left. They would struggle to attract anyone better than a cisse/remy imo. They could dk worse than sign Darren Bent tbf!

  7. Lewis McCormick says:

    Well, that evaluation was very wrong

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