Tottenham + Portugal…History says it’s a recipe for underachievement!

When it comes to Spurs signing ‘Portu-geezers’ (Portuguese nationals who move to NE Landan) the club have a highly successful record…let’s start with Helder Postiga, the prolific striker who recently reminded us just how good he is as he spearheaded Portugal’s Euro 2012 charge. Better yet, let’s cast our minds back and remember the diminutive Jose Dominguez who scored ‘that wonder goal’ against Southampton to write his name in to the history books at Spurs as one of the clubs best left-sided players ever (move over Dave Ginola!). What about the mighty Ricardo Rocha who became so highly decorated in a Spurs shirt he became Portugal’s answer to Ramon Vega…
Do me a favour…it’s like downing a pint of Milk after 10 pints of beer or waking up next to a girl after a night on the sauce without the beer googles – some thing’s just don’t mix and Spurs and Portugal seem a good example.
It is no surprise that the arrival of Andre Villas-Boas has hardly inspired confidence amongst Spurs fans – not for the fact he is Portuguese (I am not quite sure where I was going with that), but because who wants a Chelsea cast off as manager who is largely inexperienced in the game.
I mean what has AVB done? He spent one season taking Academica (who?) to a respectable mid-table finish…big deal. Ok, Porto cleaned up and fair play to him, but he hardly built that team, they were good already.
Do we dare talk about Chelsea? It was over quicker than I would be if given half the chance to get inside the artist formally known as Cheryl Cole.
But for some random, strange, unbeknown reason I am optimistic about AVB’s appointment and I will tell you why:
You learn from the bad times, not the good – thanks Chelski.
A lot will come down to ginger-b*llocks himself, but if he does the opposite of what he did at Chelski, he stands a good chance.
Technically and tactically AVB knows his onions like I know street corners, he is also apparently a genius when it comes to training, but we all know there is more to being a Premier League Manager/Coach than that.
He went wrong at Chelsea because of the glaring mismanagement of his players and he will have to be careful the same doesn’t happen again. A lot will come down to who his number two is, he will have to make sure it is not another Di Matteo (who didn’t seem to build any bridges on AVB’s behalf…a cunning plan), but make sure it is someone who can help fill the void left by the charismatic Harry Redknapp. Tim Sherwood will play a huge part as Spurs revert to a Director of Football/Head Coach structure.
The situation at Spurs is a million miles away from what he faced at Chelsea. Spurs isn’t a club full of egos as demonstrated last season as Adebayor succumbed to the team spirit that is present at the club between the laid-back more experienced heads and a promising group of young players. ‘Young’ is the key word here, AVB is tasked with building a youthful team that can have prolonged success as Spurs continue their quest for Silverware. If players listen and respond to AVB’s methods then the White Hart Lane faithful could be treated to some Barcelona-esq football on Thursday’s and Sunday’s.
But let’s not kid ourselves, AVB has a job on his hands. The pressing issues will be to sort out the futures of Luka Modric, Rafael van der Vaart and Ledley King, whilst reinforcements are needed in both full-back positions, at centre back (Vertonghen pending), possibly centre midfield (even after Sigurdsson’s arrival), on both flanks and also upfront – Mr Levy will have his work cut-out to bring in that job lot. Rumours are he has been chasing transfer targets that AVB is happy with for the last 2/3 weeks since the deal was verbally done.
In Levy Spurs fans believe; he isn’t afraid to be harsh or make tough calls, he works in the best interests of Spurs as a club and as a business. With a buy-out/investment deal on the cards, he will not gamble with Spurs’ future and even more emphasis could be placed on that if rumours that his wife is sick are true. Many will say Levy’s appointment of AVB is a risk, but what managerial change isn’t and you can be sure Levy has done his homework. He knows AVB’s strengths and weaknesses and AVB’s success will be as much a testament to the man himself as it will be to Levy’s own management skills.
The Spurs PR machine has done well to create some positivity around an appointment that was originally met with distain amongst fans, they have kept the appointment low key so far and not thrown a big press conference before the ink on the contract is even dry – Levy is already managing the situation.
Forget the paper talk of dressing room disharmony as well, the players aren’t even back at the club for pre-season yet. Recent events suggest things are quite the opposite after Bale signed his contract and Gylfi Sigurdsson said a word with AVB convinced him to sign and Spurs were a club going places.
The appointment of AVB should come as no surprise, he has the similar mentality to Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers, an outlook that Levy is widely acknowledged to have admired. In the same way England fans got behind Hodgson, Spurs fans need to take a leap of faith and not see AVB as a Chelski’s castoff, but an exciting young manager who could take Tottenham Hotspur to the next level.
Everything is set for the future to be bright at Spurs: there is a shiny, new, state of the art training facility with a coach in charge who is equipped to make use of it. There is a squad brimming with youth and talent and more of that will come in this summer and beyond. There will be a big transfer kitty as Spurs prepare for a cash injection with the sale of the naming rights for WHL.
So get positive Y*ds and remember to dare is to do…
Are you happy with AVB’s appointment Spurs fans? Can he do a better job than car window ‘Arry? Let us know below. Make sure you are also following Football Rascal on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest football news, gossip and banter that the t’interweb can offer…we’re at least close. 
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  1. Michael says:

    To all sceptic spurs fans: Let’s not judge AVB before he even finishes his contract at Spurs. Only a handful of managers could achieve instant success and these managers are usually backed by crazy money in the form of a sugar daddy. Spurs don’t have that kind of support. Steady progress is a reasonable expectation. So don’t write this man off just yet because even the legendary SAF need time before he became successful. If you (sceptical fans) want instant success, you might want to change the club you support to Chelsea or City.

  2. Will says:

    People like you should stick to Doomsday forecasting as it is, after all, 2012 so what does it matter how AVB goes?

    But seriously, Ferguson, Wenger apart and without using the billionaire lever not one other PL manager can lay claim to being”better” than AVB. Using your logic, we can discard, Rodgers, Lambert and almost all other PL managers as unachieving, too young , too old, too lucky(pardewe had very few injuries) etc.

    You should just stick to the factsm which are that neiher you, nor I nor probably god(assuming he exists) really has any idea of how AVB will go BUT as he is young, he can only improve. Can you say that about Ferguson or Wenger?

    As for teh Portugese past: coming to a club packed with nonPortugese speakers is scacely condusive to success and Postiga seems to have done well in Portugal while AVB cannot be compared with Ramos as his English is superb.
    I alkso dicredit any chance of an “old guard” resistance at WHL occurring as i think that you will find that Parker is likely to be the only one over 30 in the squad before long and even VdVs day(IMO) could be limited as like his time at RM his value was undermiedn totally by his attitude. Harry made him undroppable although every man and his dog knew that vdV was invisible after 60mins as a rule. With AVB I cannot see him staying unless he puts up and shuts up, likewise Defoe and Gomes while Adebayor is not worth the effort and money…so the “old guard” might finish upn like they did at waterloo.

  3. KickOff says:

    I think AVB is a smart appointment with just a hint of the gamble.

    His record is not quite iron clad. Did fantastic with Porto (but had a great squad to start with in a weaker league), had trouble at Chelsea but generally problems caused by the squad and their resistance to change.

    This is the 1st time he’ll really shape his own squad. He also has a lot of shaping to do with potentially a CM conductor, a centre forward, a GK and an attacking midfielder to sort out.

    Sigurdsson has potential but the fact it was Liverpool they were fighting for him should have alarm bells ringing (I kid I kid).

    I hope Spurs fans give him time and aren’t demanding immediate superstardom.

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