The Twitter Timeline QPR: From Mark Hughes to Harry Redknapp in 54 days

As Mark Hughes lines up down the job centre along with the cast of the Jeremy Kyle show this morning, he probably feels hard done by after his time at QPR. I mean come on, he only had 34 games in charge – not even a year to work with this team, a team that has still not fully taken shape, what do people want miracles? He even kept QPR up last season, surely that has to count for something? Not in this day and age, Neil Warnock found that out.  

After Warnock’s sacking Fernandes tweeted “You live or die by your decisions. Neil Warnock is a legend for what he’s done at QPR. I thank him. We move on. You never know if a decision is right or wrong. Only time will tell.”  At the time many fans were up in arms at Warnock’s dismissal.  You do live and die by your decisions Tony and not even a year on and it feels like ground hog day again at QPR, both in reality and on Twitter.

Now don’t get me wrong, Tony Fernandes is a likeable kind of guy and someone who the QPR fans have taken to. He’s down-to-earth, friendly, accessible and has passion for QPR.

When Tony Fernandes took over at QPR he set out on a personal mission to bring transparency to the club. Not the type of transparency that resonates via a behind the scenes documentary aired on national television, but day-to-day transparency, backed up with a pinch of accessibility and accountability that is all played out on social media. Transparency is just the way Fernandes rolls with all his businesses interests and we saw that with Neil Warnock departure and now Mark Hughes.

His approach is as refreshing as it is a concern. I love the fact I can tweet a Premier League chairman 24/7 and there is a chance that he will see what I send him. It’s an abnormal situation…the last time I had this much contact with a chairman was the 2008/09 season on Football Manager! But how much influence has this accessibility had on the chairman’s decision making? Is he just making moves to please fans? Should Hughes have had longer to prove himself? Why was Redknapp the man that came in?

We thought it would be interesting to look back at tweets from Tony Fernandes and what the fans were saying so you can make your own mind up – check it out and leave you comments at the bottom:

It all really started after the London derby with West Ham, before that, QPR’s last three league games were Manchester City, Chelsea and Spurs…

Tony Fernandes is defiant that Mark Hughes is the right man…but Harry Redknapp has already been mentioned…

Not changing anything?

Listen to the fans Tony, its Harry Redknapp time!

Rodney wades in…sarcasm?

Excuses or a valid point from Tony? It’s all about stability, not chopping and changing…

Fans are starting to turn Tony, don’t get too twitchy…

When Nicky Blackmarket tweets, you have to listen! Go on, sack Hughes…

Cue car window interview! Harry Redknapp has arrived. 54 days on Twitter seems a long time.

That is how events unfolded, did Twitter play its part in your opinion? Should chairman be on Twitter? Is the accessibility a good or bad thing? We want to know your thoughts, so don’t by shy and have a voice below or get in touch with on Twitter or Facebook. Big shout out to all those whose tweets were included, it was great to see you interaction. 



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