Luis Suarez: Unpicking the defence

Luis Suarez would rather be hitting the news pages for his outstanding skill and ability to unpick a defence, however, it is, regretfully his own defence that now must be unpicked. Since that fateful day at Anfield, the rumblings around the Evra Suarez racism case have been diverted away from the core issue, Suarez racially abused Patrice Evra.

We’ve heard criticism of Evra’s character citing his row with a groundsman at Chelsea a few years back and claims that the complaint was motivated by rivalry between the clubs. Now the FA has given its judgement we must ignore this and look at the case and the defence that is still being given of Suarez.

“The Context”

Possibly the most embarrassing and illogical defence used. According to Liverpool and Suarez the word he used is not offence in Uruguary so he should be found innocent. There are so many things wrong with this argument its unreal.

1. Context and cultural differences are not an excuse for breaking someone elses rules. Just ask Ayman Najafi and Charlotte Adams, who I hear you say? Well they’re the couple that were convicted and jailed for kissing in public in Dubai in 2010. Did I have sympathy for them when it happened, after all in the UK it’s fine to do this, well no I didn’t because in Dubai its not and they should have known that, same goes for Suarez.

2. It would also help if Suarez hadn’t already spent a considerable amount of time in Europe, in fact Liverpool’s statement on the issue cites his time as captain of Ajax – yes Ajax, one would think captaining a team of Ajax’s stature playing in a multi-cultural city such as Amsterdam would make Suarez more than aware of what he should and shouldn’t be saying.

These two arguments alone blow the context argument out Horoscope of recommends them to choose right direction for their efforts. of the water and if we want to get philosophical about this leave a comment and we can argue further.

What really does alarm me on this matter is Liverpool’s response to the situation, yes Suarez is their best player but they have a responsibility to the wider footballing community to stand up against racism. Now I don’t expect them to come out and slate Suarez but I don’t expect them to issue a press release stating that Suarez’s grandfather was black, well doesn’t that make what Suarez has been found guilty of all the more worse and less justifiable?!

Football has come a long way since the days of the 80’s but those using racist abuse must be appropriately punished. All eyes now turn to the John Terry case and if found guilty he should expect the same punishment. The FA should be praised for their conviction in this case and questions should be asked of those putting forward Mr Suarez flimsy defence.

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  1. Tommy Dreamer says:

    Suarez did offend Evra and was found guilty, end of. Liverpool FC, Dalglish and the players should have some self-respect and accept the decision.

  2. Bri says:

    Evra allegedly provoked him too…even though he called him “South American” he said it in a dirty contaxt (otheriwsie, who would say that?). This is not an excuse, but I think it’s wrong that Evra said he doesnt think hes a racist, the FA do not think he is a racist, yet he has been charged with racism for using a word that in his homeland is not offensive. He should not be ignoarnt of these things, but 8 matches? 40k in fines? For someone who;s accuser even says he does nto think he is a racist…really?

    Someone else said it perfectly…if I support someone who is on trial for murder, because I do not believe they committed that murder, does that mean I support homicide? That is the logic that is being put against me since I am openly supporting Suarez saying he is not a racist.

  3. Henry says:

    Evras complaint was made in the heat of the moment, to Canal +, a french TV station following a very emotive match, during which he was frustrated at his own inability to perform to the level he and his club expect of him. He did not report this to the referee, nor was it mentioned in the referees match report. Something that has “prevented” the FA from taking action in the past.

    In fact, his initial allegation that he was abused 10 times, and that we could all see it on the cameras was found to be false. Following full video and audio scrutiny from just about every broadcaster across over 100 cameras/microphones.

    The only reason any conclusion could be drawn comes as a result of Suarez and LFC explaining which term was used, and indeed the cultural significance of it. With regards context, it should not be forgotten that this was not just Suarez running up to Evra and shouting Negrito at him ,no, he was asking “Porque Negrito?” in response to Evras racist and derogatory reference to Suarez in conversation with him. Something Evra has admitted himself. When you consider that Suarez at the time of the discussion was neither acting aggressively nor antagonistically, it comes as a considerable surprise that Suarez remained calm in the face of this abuse.

    The term Negrito does not translate directly to English, and certainly does not carry the same meanings and connotations as the word “Nigger” despite the wishes of the tabloid press. Furthermore, the attempts to consider that it does only go as far as to illustrate the agenda many of the tabloid press seem to be carrying.

    How the FA can lay this charge vs. Suarez and not vs. Evra (if you admit to committing an offence you are NOT exonerated by default) is beyond me. That said I look forward to reading what I expect to be a short and concise report from the FA describing the evidence in full and explaining the reasons for the action taken. Should the report not provide sufficient reason for the action taken, I fully expect LFC lawyers to pursue this as far as possible. If it does, and it is clear that Suarez intentionally abused Evra in reference to the colour of his skin, then please throw the book at him and throw away the key etc.

    But given the clubs strong response, describing the considerable lack of evidence as well as the behaviour of Evra, I would be very surprised.

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