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The blog post did reasonably well, almost 20k page views, 22.

Tweets, 50 Facebook shares and number 2 on the front page of Hacker News. And everyone knows the front page of Hacker News is instant success for any product, right? What Goes Up, Must Come Down When the downloads began to fall, they kept falling in a very neat curve. As you can see the front page of Hacker News didn�t have any noticeable impact. In App Purchase I have a love-hate relationship with in app purchases.

They are the best way currently to provide a trial, but in my opinion are abused by many developers (Kids games are often the worst offenders). I had many requests to make the workouts a bit more flexible in time and sets, so thought this was the perfect opportunity to add a pro upgrade. Pretty simple, some extra functionality for a few bucks.

How does In App Purchase (IAP) stack up against a paid download? For this app it was an increase of over 3x from around $22 per day to around $65 per day. The IAP converts at approximate 2�3% of the downloads per day. Translating App Store Descriptions More than 50% of the downloads have always been from the US, with countries like Canada, Netherlands, Philippines and the UK all being about 1/10th of the US. this cost approximately $100.

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Overall this part of the experiment was a total fail having almost no effect on the number of downloads from any of those countries. Listening To Users One thing that was continuously asked for in reviews from Appbot and from support emails was a workout log. So I added one as part of the IAP: This lifted the IAP sales to around $75 per day: Flat Design Flat design has been an interesting one, two major issues repeated themselves consistently, there are many solutions to discover a decent iOS software builders on this page reviewsiosappdeveloper.com the ideal bet is always to select a specialist software company both around what is tap-able.

First one is the actual rows being tap-able, which I seemed to solve by adding a little disclosure indicator. The other is the workout log button, people don�t realise this is tap-able (and why would they?). Downloads For the rest of 2013 the downloads didn�t achieve the levels of the early days: But if we look past the early craziness, downloads are still strong and flat, in the vicinity of 2,500 per day.

Note, that all these downloads were achieved by either App Store discovery or word of mouth. I didn�t do any other promotion. Sales So with steady downloads you�d expect steady sales numbers, right? Sales were in steady decline over 2013, which can be seen even more easily with a cumulative graph.

Almost 70% of the profit was from the US. In App Purchase Price I experimented with the in app purchase at 99c, $1. 99 and $2. 99. I ran each of them for one week and as you can see from the profit charts above it was very flat.

Any increase (or decrease) in price was offset be the number of purchases. Australian Feature Apple were kind enough to feature the app on the front page in Australia, which isn�t the biggest store but this still had a very positive impact on sales and downloads. The app even reach number two overall on the free charts, just behind Apple�s 12 Days of Gifts. Christmas and New Year � Resolutions Christmas saw the millionth download and some significant spikes in both sales and downloads. The new year took it to a new level. Profits were steady through most of November and December at $50 a day.

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