Blackburn Rovers: A View From The Inside

If I had a pound coin for every time I heard someone say “well that’s how it looks from the outside” when the subject of my team Blackburn Rovers is bought up, I’d probably have enough money to launch a takeover bid to wrestle control of the club from the now loathed current inhabitants the Venky’s.

Anyone and everyone has an opinion on Rovers nowadays and most of the bile is aimed at the fans of the club.Due to the ongoing protest demonstrations, the fans of the club are now painted by the media as mindless hooligans who wear Burberry, can’t speak properly and have poor dental hygiene. It’s apparently one big campaign against poor old Steve Kean and the owners and we, as a group of fans, deserve the club to go down due to our own behaviour.

What a load of uninformed nonsense.

If you knew the full story, and not just the selected bits that the media and Jerome Anderson want to tell you, then you’d be painting a different type of portrait.

What you are seeing from the fans of Blackburn Rovers is frustration and fear, a very real anxiety that the club we have loved all our lives is being ripped apart and run into the ground by people for don’t seem to care and have no emotional attachment to the soul of the club. There is a very real chance that Rovers may not be around in a few years time given the incompetent management both on and off the pitch from the people in power at Ewood Park.

What are we supposed to do? Sit there clapping away, with broad smiles on our faces, wondering what’s for tea after we suffer yet another abject performance and defeat with the same old lame “positive” nonsense that Kean comes out with after every uninspired 2-0 home defeat? No thanks.

Kean himself has had a rough ride no doubt. He’s been given a fair sized verbal volley over the last few months, some of it has been over the top and undeserved, but most of its been on the money. The Scotsman has a 25% win record over the course of 40 odd games and we’ve slipped from a place of relative comfort in the Premier League, to a dire position of complete uncertainty.

Add into this that jolly Steve comes out every week or so and promises us “riches, swashbuckling football and the Champions League in 3-4 years time” and you can understand us fans frustrations a little better. He’s just a mouthpiece for the owners, a puppet that talks. Kean is probably the only man in the footballing who would work for such people, I mean who else would take the manager’s job in its current guise? Oh and he’s far from the ‘whiter than white halo balancing angel’ that Sky Sports and the BBC would have you believe… alleged involvement in the Venky’s takeover, stabbing his old friend Sam Allardyce in the back to take his job and drink driving convictions. Yep, that’s our Steve, a manager we can be proud of, a manager that represents us…do me a favour.

He may have been the most draining manager in club history, but the REAL problem isn’t even Kean. The real problem is sat in Pune, India, with ears firmly blocked by clumsy fingers.

The owners in the course of a year have made a long list of promises which they have systematically ignored one-by-one. Promises of honouring the late Jack Walker’s legacy, assurances of financial well being and steady investment, plus guarantees of listening to the fans. Sounded good, but like everything that Steve Kean and Venky’s have told us over the last 14 months, all that can be said is ‘it sounded good’.

The owners have racked up a whooping £18 million loss against the club’s name in the last year, increased the club’s net debt and overdraft lending putting the club under massive financial strain. They don’t want to spend their own money because they know now they’ll not see it again. Whoever sold them the idea of running a football club sold it to the Rao family as a wet dream and they naively believed it, they took poor advice from sporting agents and people looking after themselves and the reality they face today is very different.

They’re not malicious, but they are absolutely bonkers and that can be worse. How they make truck loads of money from selling chicken/grease I’ll never know as they seem to know as much about running a business (on the proof of this football club) as a foetus does.

They were sold the dream, now we, the fans, are living the nightmare.

Venky’s Out? Kean Out? If we want to still have a football club left in a few years time then absolutely. Some fans may not like the aggression that some Blackburn fans have used towards the figures of power at Ewood Park in recent times, but it’s turned into a fight over the club’s future and we are prepared to fight with the same vigour as if we were fighting for our lives, because we are.

This is a fight the fans must win for the good of football.

Mike Delap is the writer of ‘The Wild Blackburn Rover’ and editor of ‘Vital Blackburn’ you can follow him on Twitter @MikeyDelap … Don’t forget to follow The Rascal @FootballRascal

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