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Forget about Messi and Ronaldo, Ribery must win Ballon D’Or

Browsing through the shortlist of Ballon D’Or candidates, a list in which English players are conspicuous by their absence, it’s evident that the elite of European football is adequately represented. From strikers who carried their clubs onto a different level, … Read more…

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Rooney, Lewandowski and Suarez: player power on the vane?

It is a cliche that smacks of nostalgia and misplaced romanticism, of naivety even, but one stating an undeniable truth…’Football, as we knew it, has gone mad!’. Indeed its mind had been growing increasingly unstable over the last decade, but … Read more…

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Is it time for the transfer window to shut permanently?

Alan Pardew wants it shut before the start of the season. Michael Laudrup and Jose Mourinho consider it to be way too long. Some wanted it scrapped altogether. Fans and broadcasters alike love it. The question, though, remains. Is it … Read more…

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German efficiency or British greediness?

Last Saturday, 1000 Borussia Dortmund fans walked out of Hamburg’s Imtech Arena after a mere 10 minutes of their team’s match against the home side, to protest against the ticket-price hike.

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Bayern Munich 2011/2012: The kings of second place…but not for long!

Second place is an all too familiar label that will define FC Bayern Munich this season, not only did they finish second to rivals Dortmund in the race for the Bundesliga title and the domestic DFB Cup, they had a … Read more…

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Premier League vs La Liga, Bundesliga & Serie A: Which is the best?

As the dust settles on another Premier League (PL) season it feels as though this was the most exciting season in English football top flight for a long time. Despite this, all season there have been murmurs again that the … Read more…

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