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Arsenal must win the FA Cup and finish fourth

For years now, Arsenal fans have been presented with the question that has almost become embodied with the club, despite being widely adopted as some sort of butt joke by opposing fans. Would, the dilemma goes, Arsenal fans swap the … Read more…

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FA Cup: five lessons we have learnt

After the midweek instalment of the Premier League and amid more or less blatant verbal wars between some senior managerial figures – spoiler alert, they both reside in London – the FA Cup briefly took centre stage yet again. So, … Read more…

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FA Cup: five things to expect from the weekend

With the League Cup providing some serious drama on Wednesday, if not exactly great football, the FA Cup fourth round kicks off today and the onus is on the oldest competition in the world to live up to its reputation. … Read more…

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Allardyce’s gamble has backfired and West Ham will pay the consequences

“You can’t keep losing football matches as a manager, that’s for sure. We know the reasons why, but even those reasons will not save you in the end.” Sam Allardyce can be accused of many things, but a lack of … Read more…

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Newcastle and Millwall trouble: Let’s put this in perspective.

As we awoke yesterday to more news of the Boston bombings, we were served a stark reminder that human lives can be snatched away in the blink of an eye, even at a sporting event – something particularly poignant for … Read more…

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10 things to expect from the FA Cup this weekend

If you didn’t watch football this week, you didn’t miss much but, in case you are desperate for a quick recap, here’s a quick round-up of what happened.

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