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Alex Ferguson Now as Important to Football Statuary as Michael Jackson

Not many of us will stay in one job longer than a quater of a century, well unless you class being on the dole for 25 years a job? If I did manage to love a job so much so … Read more…

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Hillsborough: A lie that defined Football for too long, but has changed football forever

The Hillsborough disaster was the worst tragedy that English football has ever seen. Words cannot explain the effect it had on those families affected and the football community as a whole. The families of the 96, the City of Liverpool … Read more…

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Hillsborough: Raw Scars, Opinion’s and Death Threats…Standard!

I was quite happy when I realised the womb I had emerged from belonged to a woman who resided in England. I could have ended up giving it large (and probably getting large) in America, being bought up as a … Read more…

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