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UEFA’s anti-racism measures descend into farce

Perhaps it has come to the point when UEFA’s systematic failure to address the issue of racism should no longer being considered a surprise, for European football’s governing body clearly has other priorities. Whether it’s a 40-team World Cup or … Read more…

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Forget about the monkey, England’s problem is a mole

Joy is often the briefest and sharpest of feelings. In England’s case it not only is brief, it also comes accompanied by tumultuous background stories, the obligatory storm in the teacup, if you like.

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World Football Special: Is “Death to Arabs” just another football chant?

“Mavet la ‘aravim” is Hebrew for “Death to Arabs” and is regularly chanted at football grounds throughout Israel. It was recently recorded being sung by some fans after a Beitar Jerusalem victory before the same fans turned on a couple … Read more…

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Football fans – it’s time to make the football family less disfunctional!

People talk about the ‘Football Family’ and a special bond of respect that joins football as one, uniting clubs, players, managers and fans. We all know it is not really true currently, the football family seems more of a feel-good … Read more…

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Dalglish + Suarez = Liverpool disaster?

The Premier League is no stranger to controversy, over the years we have had plenty of heroes and villains as well as unsavoury situations both on and off the pitch, but what has happened at Liverpool over the Suarez incident … Read more…

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The John Terry problem

The situation surrounding the case of John Terry’s alleged racist slur toward Anton Ferdinand and his position within football is one that can only be described as a mess. Today the FA took the step of stripping John Terry of … Read more…

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