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  1. Samuel Taylor says:

    Hi there,
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    Many thanks,
    Sam Taylor

  2. dan swingler says:

    Great site, sat here with your uncle Tim discussing watford and swans progress this season..!

  3. Where do you get your statistics from? I am trying to find a source for Opta stats for my own personal interest, but have no idea where to get them from for free, or relatively little cost. Thanks for any help you could provide with this request!

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  6. Mark says:


    I really enjoyed reading your website, it makes for a great interactive platform.

    As a source of daily football news we know what goes into running a football based website and have plenty of admiration for you and your team.

    Like you, we also focus our business on a set demographic, which is why I thought you may be interested in some free content to publish for your readers.

    Each month we run a user poll to compare points of view, in our most recent survey we asked fans for their predictions on how things would play out this season.

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  7. Dean Herring says:

    I was reading your brilliant article ” Twitter has brought fans closer to football ! Really ? ” . how many footballers do you know of that have left Twitter after being ” Trolled “. I was surprised that Cole didn’t leave after his outburst but very glad he didn’t. Its good to see a player get so much abuse and not be affected !

  8. Dear webmaster

    We’d like to take this moment to draw your attention to our latest football feature, the 2012/13 Arsenal Fan Poll as carried out by our team of writers. It’s now live on our football features page as of this morning.

    The feature is split in two – a write-up of the results of the survey, and an inforgraphic detailing the breakdown of voting. Everyone knows an Arsenal fan who is interested in the welfare of his beloved club, so we thought you might want to help this news to circulate by sharing online.

    Whether it’s publishing the inforgraphic on your website, or even just tweeting the link to a friend, we’re happy for any mentions along the way.

    We asked fans the following:

    - Was moving to the Emirates Stadium a positive step?
    - What is Arsenal’s greatest victory at the Emirates Stadium?
    - Who has been Arsenal’s best Premiership striker?
    - Which exit transfer hurt the most?
    - Who are Arsenal’s fiercest rivals?
    - What is Arsenal’s top priority during 2012/13?
    - Are you backing Steve Bould at Arsenal?
    - Do you want to see Arsene Wenger sacked?

    You can find the code for the inforgraphic embedded below along with a link to the feature article live on our website.

    Wishing you a joyful Christmas and New Year,

    The Sports Bulletin Team


  9. David says:

    I would love to read a piece on a ‘Who my club needs?’ with all this transfer speculation and moves going on.

    Not only that who each club has been linked with. I think that would be a well read article.

  10. Hi Football Rascal

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  11. David says:


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