Killer boots man! Why the wrong colour football boots could be bad for your health

Football boot brochures used to be my porn as a kid.

It wasn’t just me either, my mate Collins was in to it as well.

We didn’t spend our time trying to get hold of old sticky copies of Penthouse or looking through the lingerie section of the Littlewoods catalogue, we loved boots, not boobs (a lot has changed).

Saying that, I was a bit of a traditionalist when it came to boots – I would flick through the catalogue like a nut, but when it came to the crunch, I liked it black and white. So I would go classy and classic, Copas, World Cups, Asics Japans, maybe a Puma king – I was the Julian Dicks of Sunday league so I couldn’t go too flashy.

Now the World has gone mad and everyone is wearing coloured boots.  So I thought I would look at the meaning of the colours and which colours would provoke a defender to give that extra crunching tackle:

White: Reverence, Purity, Simplicity, Cleanliness, Peace, Humility, Precision, Innocence, Youth, Birth, Winter, Snow, Good, Sterility, and Marriage
Worn by: Terry, Puyol, Casillias, Dawson, Lampard
Crunch Probability: Very High

Red: Action, Adventure, Aggression, Blood, Danger, Drive, Energy, Excitement, Love, Passion, Strength and Vigor
Worn by: Fabragas, Ashley Cole
Crunch Probability: Medium

Yellow: Caution, Cheerful, Cowardice, Curiosity, Happiness, Joy, Playful, Positivity, Warmth
Worn by: Dani Alves, Van Persie, Kaboul
Crunch Probability: Very High

Green: Crisp, Environmental, Fresh, Harmony, Health, Healing, Inexperience, Money, Nature, Renewal and Tranquility
Worn by: Nani, Bale, Ashley Young, Kalou, Defoe
Crunch Probability: Medium

Blue: Authority, Calm, Confidence, Dignity, Established, Loyalty, Power, Success, Secure and Trustworthy
Worn by: Anelka, David Hunt, DJ Campbell
Crunch Probability: Medium

Pink: Appreciation, Delicate, Femininity, Floral, Gentle, Girly, Gratitude, Innocence, Romantic, Soft and Tranquil
Worn by: Ronaldo, Pedro, Adam Johnson, Bendtner
Crunch Probability: Through the roof

Black: Power, Sexuality, Sophistication, Formality, Elegance, Wealth, Mystery, Fear, Evil, Anonymity, Unhappiness, Depth, Style, Evil, Sadness, Remorse, Anger, Underground, Good Technical Color.
Worn by: Rooney, Andy Carroll, Kevin Davies, Drogba
Crunch Probability:  Low

Gold: Success, Abundance, Wealth, Understanding, Self-worth, Charisma, Winning, Optimistic, Positive, and Masculine
Worn by: Messi
Crunch Probability: High

There has obviously been a massive shift in trend over the past 10/15 years to players or boot manufacturers favouring coloured boots – I mean even tough tackling defenders like Terry and Puyol love a white boot. Maybe they don’t care and just wear what they are given; but is there any truth in my claim that coloured boots could mean harder tackles and instant dislike?

It seems the forwards have cottoned on to the fact they may get tackled a little bit harder for the boots they wear, Drogba has toned it down and so has Rooney. The colour of a player’s boots has also been a talking point with professional clubs.  

Alex Ferguson has banned all junior players from wearing coloured boots until in the first team or reserves. John O’Shea came out and said:

“if you are wearing a flashy colour and don’t play too well you’re likely to get singled out”.

Charlton are another club to do the same, claiming it helps with discipline and control over younger players. The pioneer of the pink boot, Arsenal’s prolific (sic) striker Nicklas Bender, said about his boots:

“People made a big fuss because pink is meant to be a girl’s colour, they were outraged because they said it shouldn’t appear in sport. Well, we are all different.”

Yes you are Nicklas.

This article was inspired by David Hunt who plays for Brentford. He put a picture of his shiny new blue Nike boots on Twitter (and since then some white ones too). Now we are the same age and therefore from the same era, so I asked him why the blue boots?

“Because I fancied a change from white or yellow”

Hunty, now you have blue, yellow, and white!

Hunty agreed with my theory as players with coloured boots were seen as “cocky show-offs” and that the opposition were more likely “to try and kick them”.On the plus side however he said coloured boots meant “in highlights a player would be more noticeable”, obviously a good thing unless you are having a Regi Blinker.

But style has changed a lot in football, so much so that Hunty “finds it hard to search for a black pair of boots”. A result of both demand and sports manufacturers flooding the market with more and more choice, which equals more and more money – I wonder if they thought about the effect this could have on players making tackles. But Hunty summed it up well: “Football changes all the time and so do the colour of boots, people want to express themselves more and find that in boots. Why else would they call it the beautiful game!”.

So it looks like I am a dinosaur, stuck in tradition. Choice and expression are always a good thing, but a two footer to the tib and fib isn’t the best. Personally, back in the 90’s, I think that wearing coloured boots would have guaranteed you a ‘cobra kai’ style kicking at most levels. There are two exceptions to that rule:

  1. Pros generally show a little more respect for each other than your typical Sunday League-er from the bad side of town.
  2. If you had coloured boots but were rubbish. This was always highly amusing and you would actually tackle this person less and let him have the ball more to provide some comedy in the match.

Whatever the reason for boot colour, if I was still playing today, I would go in just that little bit harder on a pair of pink boots. Two footed if it was Ronaldo!

Thanks to the ledge that is David Hunt (twitter @davidjhunt), who is currently part of the giant-killing Crawley team. The guy is a boot addict as well as a big Robbie Savage fan.

Well worth a follow!

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  2. Jerry Toffee says:

    Quality article, love the Dumb and Dumber…keep it up!

  3. MikeD says:

    Does this apply to the colour of my car too?!

  4. russ says:

    i wear gold boots because i’m a cocky nob ;) i’m the annoying prick in centre midfield who smashes you and the dives seconds later. i thrive off people trying to break my legs. i am actually quite good though.

  5. Craig says:

    Just read this article because I bought a cheap pair of red Pumas. Considering I am a very immobile full-back/centre-half I had two thoughts about getting red boots but tbh, who cares? Better the pennies in my pocket. I’m training tonight so we’ll see how much stick I get, maybe I wont be wearing them for long!
    Great article :o )

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