Roy is our boy – lets back Roy Hodgson the new England manager!

Wow, the appointment of Roy Hodgson was a shock wasn’t it?! Well it was to me anyway and a lot of football fans out there that I have been speaking to. Everyone was confident it was Harry Redknapp’s time to be crowned England’s new king – I think even old ‘Arry himself thought it was going to happen…probably had a few quid on it. The problem is when someone has their mind set on something, changing that mindset is a difficult thing to do in any scenario in life. There is no doubt Hodgson is already up against it; the hangover from his Liverpool days seems to live on in people’s minds as does the fact he isn’t ‘Arry. So far the media have given Hodgson mixed reviews, initially negative, but it is time for everyone to make up our own minds.

I have already made my mind up that I am backing Roy and you should too and I will tell you why…

For too long now there has been a negativity that surrounds the England team. Every time we approach a major tournament for some reason the media looks for negative stories about the team, manager or players that will sell papers despite their detriment. Whether it is injuries to key players, sex scandals or squad selections, there is always something that some sections of the media don’t seem happy with. Manager bashing, player bashing or supporter bashing is all too easy for some – it is time for things to change.

Roy Hodgson is one of England’s most successful ever managers and no one has the European experience that he does. Hodgson has coached in the domestic leagues of England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy whilst he has coached the national teams of Finland, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates – no other Englishman is better qualified than Roy. In tournaments he has the experience and understanding to help England tactically and take them to success against the odds much like he did when he lead Switzerland to be ranked the third best team in the world or when he lead Fulham to a Europa League final. We need to remember at the moment England aren’t world-beaters, all we have is prolonged potential and we also need to develop a new philosophy behind the scenes in the long-term.

As much as I feel the public should back Hodgson and give him a far crack of the whip, the players also need to get behind him. This is the problem when almost every player comes out and public backs another candidate, it seems like half of the dressing room is already against him. It is up to the players to now start commenting in the right way about England’s new manager and show some support and a united front going straight in to a big tournament. There first chance will come today when Hodgson’s appointment as England manager becomes official, so far there has been an eerie Twitter silence, but it is time to get positive.

Some will question Hodgson’s record at big clubs, but we need to remember England haven’t come close to winning anything since 1990, England are currently just an above average side. Hodgson can give England something extra; he will come in and make sure that the team knows how to beat their opponents. He will make sure tactically the team is well set-up and everyone knows their own as well as each other’s roles meticulously. Hodgson can change this England side in to a well-oiled team and he has the personnel to do it.

Hodgson reminds me of that teacher we all had at school, who comes across as authoritarian, strict and disciplined, but has a more subtle quiet word with you on the side which keeps you motivated and happy. He is not as bullish as Redknapp, he isn’t Redknapp – he is actually more skilled in the right areas and can man-manage and motivate as many of his former players have testified. Tactically he is second to one and is more of a football professor than he is a ‘wheeler-dealer’. I like Redknapp, don’t get me wrong, but I like him for the wrong reasons…I like him because of his personality, he seems like one of the lads and you just want to go for a natter and a pint with him. After 46 years of hurt it is time to get real.

Hodgson is being appointed England manager because he is simply the best man for the job. He is well educated in football, coached all over the world both internationally and domestically and has an understanding of the game that is difficult to match. There is nothing not to like about Hodgson. So whether you are happy with appointment or not, it is time to get behind him and get behind England…ban the negativity and lets get positive…you’re my boy Roy, you’re my boy.

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  1. David says:

    It really makes no difference. England will continue to be mediochre as they were in the last World cup. Why on earth do you think Capello jumped ship? As long as the FA set up remains unchanged nothing positive will happen.

    • Rascal says:

      Should we expect England to do well? After all our players are miles behind European players technically.

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