The Rascal Revolution

Football Rascal is starting a revolution and giving football back to the fans.

We want to give football fans a voice again.

The beautiful game isn’t about big business, corporate hospitality and billionaire owners on their yachts.

It’s about supporting your team through thick and thin, it’s about playing football on a frozen park pitch in February, it’s about the banter down the pub with your mates, it’s that nervous anticipation on a Saturday … it’s everything about the beautiful game that we love.

So let’s not keep things the way they are, let’s move things forward … together.

We want Football Rascal to be the place you want to come for your football fix.  At the moment it’s a blog, but soon, with a little help from you, we’re going to create something very special.

This is your place.

So alongside … the football news, results, commentary, inside secrets,  local team spotlights, the best of football from around the web, exclusive articles from football journos, and more … we want to hear your opinion and comments.

We also want to get the fans together to be a force for good, improving all aspects of the game, from the over-zealous policing of fans, to the over-priced pies at half time.

So we need your feedback on how we’re doing and what you want to see on here and we’re always on the lookout for new writers – no matter what their level of experience – so if you’ve got something interesting to say, let us know.

Viva la Revolución!

The Rascal

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We want to hear what you have to say, but we don't want comments that are homophobic, racist, sexist, don't relate to the article, or are overly offensive. They're not nice.

  1. Wrighty67 says:

    Like the new blog…great

  2. Seth says:

    I like it! Especially the mission statement. The BBC sport, sky sports, popular posts, and archive sections in the middle column could be in sub menus at the top but I’m no web design specialist, just seemed like maybe a bit too much information on one page.

  3. Pringalez Maximus says:

    very moist indeed

  4. steve says:

    developing our youths to become, more competitive, passionate, committed and improving thier attitudes, behaviour on the pitch, at the same time bringing down the desire to be the highest paid player, but still to be the best. To create players who are proud to play for their team and achive the utimate goal of representing our /their country.

  5. How about getting football back to 3 pm on a Saturday?

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